Get Involved with the Suicide Awareness Council

When we come together as a caring, compassionate and informed community, we have a greater ability to support those at risk and give a bigger voice to promoting mental health, resilience and wellness. We can also better support those who have been impacted by suicide. Together, we can offer hope.

There are many ways to talk openly about suicide with the goal of bringing awareness and reducing the stigma around suicide. 


  • Becoming a member of the Council;
  • Signing up for suicide alertness and crisis intervention workshops, such as SafeTALK, Applied Suicide Intervention Training and Mental Health First Aid;
  • Talking to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours about suicide prevention by finding ways to introduce it into conversation;
  • Noticing if someone appears to be unhappy or stressed and taking the time to ask them how they are and to listen. Don't be afraid to ask directly about suicide;
  • Participating in or hosting a World Suicide Prevention Day event on September 10th;
  • Supporting and advocating for mental health promotion in your work place;
  • Refrain from using the phrase 'commit suicide' or 'successful suicide' and instead say 'died by suicide';
  • Posting the crisis lines on your fridge, near a phone, program them into your phone, or display them at your place of work;
  • Paying attention to your own mental health and wellness and encouraging it in others;