What is ElderTalk?

The aim of ElderTALK is to create opportunities and supportive environments for older adults to discuss the challenges and changes associated with aging. The hope is to raise awareness about the experiences of suicide and depression among seniors, their peers, families and communities.

With age comes wisdom, and also with age comes the impact of many life experiences... some joyful and some painful. Life stories are so important to share, for both the teller and the listener. Stories represent the journey of living, and sharing them can provide validation for what we have been through and perhaps a sense of hope for those who need to believe that their life matters. The Council has embarked on this unique opportunity that creates a way for seniors to share their life stories and capture their experiences.
For more information about the ElderTalk and 'AfterWhys', contact the council at suicidecouncilwd@cmhaww.ca or call 1-844-264-2993 ext. 7015.
The Council offers an honest and thought-provoking experience through the presentation of the theatrical production of 'AfterWhys', a poignant and hopeful look at seniors' mental health and suicide. This play was written, directed, produced, and performed by seniors, for seniors. It reflects not only the losses and challenges seniors may face, but also their spirit of resilience, strength and most of all hope. Please see our events page for upcoming performances.